Reinventing professional development in a post-COVID world: the place of digital coaching

Have your thoughts on people transformation been completely turned around these past few months? Are you considering new digital approaches to support and empower your teams? The time is now! The COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath call for a renewed approach to people development.

You might know that professional coaching has become increasingly trendy in the corporate world, and for a good reason! By focusing on the “how” rather than the “why”, coaching is the proven approach to unlock potential and maximize performance.

We have seen this first-hand at MoovOne. Since our creation in 2015, we have helped over 200 large accounts unlock their people’s potential with our solution. 

In this webinar we discussed: 

  • The impact of digital coaching for individuals, teams and companies
  • MoovOne’s unique approach built around creating a coaching mindset   
  • some of our success stories with companies such as Richemont, Criteo, or Engie

The speakers


Marleen ten Damme

Country Manager at MoovOne


Leslie Tedgui

Chief Marketing Officer - MoovOne

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